Club Aircraft have been temporarily relocated to KPSM
for the KDAW runway closure.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Members, the Skyhaven Flying Club would like to announce and welcome the following new Members:

Dan Shaw

Bob Mayrand

Leon Petrulio

Dan, brings his inital training in a glass cockpit experience to the Club, while Bob Mayrand rejoins the Club after having been a Member of the UNH FLying Club back in the 1970s and 80s. Bob is likely to be a great resource of Club history. Leon, a 777 driver for Delta and CFI is sure to have lots of advice and stories to share.

Welcome aboard gentlemen.

Skyhaven Runway Progress - Monday October 13, 2014
Thank You

To all Members in attendance at the Special Meeting, you voted 30 to 4 in favor of purchasing a Cirrus SR20 G2.



Skyhaven Airport Runway Construction Updates

Thanks to Bob Mayrand for providing this information to our members.





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